Studying in the UK

The UK has a global reputation for world-leading education and research. UK universities continue to rank among the best in the world in world university rankings. Degrees from the UK are valued highly by employers worldwide.

Before submitting your application for a Saïd Foundation scholarship, please read the following information about selecting and applying for your postgraduate courses.

What to
expect from
postgraduate studies
in the UK

Master’s degree courses in the UK typically last for one year but there are some two-year programmes. Candidates should check university websites for more information on specific courses.

Master’s degree programmes are challenging and can be very intensive. The academic style is focused on student-led learning; you will be expected to work independently and to develop your own critical judgement. You will be encouraged to ask questions, debate and develop your own arguments that are coherent and supported by evidence.

Many postgraduate courses include elective modules which allow students to focus on areas of particular interest. Some courses may require the student to write a dissertation whilst others may have a final examination instead.

your course

You should research your courses thoroughly. Candidates will be asked to provide details of up of three postgraduate courses and they must be listed in order of preference. You will be expected to provide full explanations for why you have chosen your proposed courses and universities.

Candidates must apply to courses at one or more of the Foundation’s partner universities.

Our partner universities offer a wide range of courses. In the unlikely event that you are unable to find a suitable course at one of our partner universities, you must provide a thorough justification for choosing a course at a non-partner university on the scholarship application form. If no justification for choosing a course at a non-partner university is provided the application will not be considered. The Foundation will only consider an application for a course at a non-partner university if it is not offered by a partner university.

Applying to
a partner university

You will need to apply directly to each of your chosen courses online. Remember to check application deadlines for your chosen courses and apply as soon as possible. Course places are limited and late applications may not be considered so it is important that you apply to your selected university before their deadline.

When you apply for a Saïd Foundation scholarship you will not need to hold an offer for your chosen course but you will be expected to provide proof that you have applied for your chosen course(s). You will need to provide the university application ID numbers or copies of any offer letters you have received.

If your chosen course is not open for applications until after 31st October 2023 then you can still apply for a Saïd Foundation scholarship. In the Study Plans section of the scholarship application form, candidates should enter ‘course not currently open for applications’ in the application ID box. In this case you should apply for your chosen course(s) as soon as the course opens for applications and upload evidence of having applied to the application portal (you will still be able to upload this after submitting your application). You must provide evidence of having applied to your first choice course by 26th January 2024.

You can upload your offers to the application portal when you receive them.

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