Further work


Through creative encounters and innovation, Amal works with many partners to increase understanding of Britain’s Muslim communities among others and to foster a stronger sense of belonging in the UK among our Muslim communities.

Amal began life as a pilot in 2017, supporting 39 projects, encompassing a variety of art forms and around 400 events. The projects were chosen to reflect diversity, including gender, ethnicity, age and disability, and engaged both mainstream and harder-to-reach audiences from Aberdeen to Brighton in arts venues, museums, theatres, schools, places of worship, at festivals and in the community.

Based on the success of the pilot, Amal continued as a programme of the Saïd Foundation, applying learning from the pilot to strengthen the impact achieved. Between 2018 and 2020, Amal supported a further 28 projects, continuing with rigorous evaluation processes which have demonstrated not only that the approach Amal has adopted to advancing its objectives works but also what kinds of activities work particularly well.

Amal was established as an independent charity in August 2020. Find out more by visiting Amal’s website.

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