Established in 1982 by Mr Wafic
and Mrs Rosemary Saïd

The Karim Rida Saïd Foundation was established in 1982 by Mr Wafic and Mrs Rosemary Saïd in memory of their son and registered in the UK as a charity.

Since 1984, the Scholarships Programme has offered scholarships and training opportunities for talented young people from our target countries that will enable them to achieve impact within their professional fields and ultimately bring benefits to others in their countries of origin. To date the Foundation has funded scholarships for over a thousand students from Syria, Palestine, Lebanon and Jordan in the UK and the Middle East.

In 1993 the Foundation established the Child Development Programme with the aim of supporting community-based organisations in Palestine, Lebanon and Jordan to develop and deliver good quality and sustainable care services for disabled children and education in areas of greatest need. The CDP Programme has funded more than 250 project grants since its start, reaching tens of thousands of children.

In 1996, the Foundation established the first Disability Programme in Syria, opening an office in Damascus in 2001 to directly implement the Programme. its chief aims were to strengthen the professional capacity of disability practitioners and organisations, raising awareness of disability, developing a cadre of national trainers in disability-related fields and supporting or providing services for children with disabilities (and their families) especially in marginalised communities. It later expanded to include providing support for the development of Syria’s higher education, health and cultural heritage sectors. All operations in Syria stopped due to the protracted conflict in the country. The Foundation has since then indirectly supported thousands of Syrian refugees with educational opportunities through partnerships with international organisations such as the UNHCR, the International Rescue Committee and Save the Children.

The Foundation further expanded in 1997 when the Arab Culture Programme was launched in collaboration with the British Museum’s Arab World Education Programme. The ACP was wound down in 2009 to enable the Foundation to focus more clearly on its other programmes.

The name of the Karim Rida Saïd Foundation was changed to the Saïd Foundation in 2008 and it became a company limited by guarantee as well as a UK-registered charity.

In 2009 the trustees of the Saïd Foundation decided to start supporting the Saïd Business School at Oxford University. The Saïd Business School Foundation was created to provide grants for initiatives that will support the strategic development of Saïd Business School, largely in the areas of research, faculty development, scholarships and institution-building.

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