Lina Kort

“The Saïd Foundation made my postgraduate studies possible. I was eager to return to Palestine to use what I had learnt to change whatever I could and introduce new therapy approaches. I am forever grateful for the opportunity the Foundation has given me, which made my vision achievable and will serve as a bridge for my future PhD studies.”

Speech therapy was a relatively new field in Palestine, it was only offered at Birzeit University starting 2011 so Lina studied her undergraduate degree in Jordan. She studied Speech Pathology and Audiology at Jordan University for Science and Technology which she completed in 2013.

After graduating, Lina worked for the Bethlehem Arab Society for Rehabilitation (BASR) in the West Bank. During her time there she quickly identified many gaps in the sector’s knowledge and expertise so in order to help the development of the field she decided to pursue an MA in Psycholinguistics.

On completion of her studies Lina returned to the West Bank as the Head of Department at the BASR where she has successfully introduced new methods of assessment and treatment techniques. Alongside her work at BASR, Lina teaches at Birzeit University, where she has been able to share her knowledge and expertise with new graduating students. She is currently co-writing a book that is based on a case study of her work.

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