Hala Raed

“The year I spent in Leeds changed the way I see things, my approach to people; it definitely revolutionised my perspectives. 

Now the Yorkshire accent evokes warm feelings in me: ‘Ta Luv, Alright Luv’, I remember I could not believe it was English!”

Before applying for a Saïd Foundation Scholarship, Hala worked as a special education teacher for babies and children in a private practice in Beirut

On her return to Lebanon, Hala opened her own Special Education clinic, where she treats children affected by several conditions among which the autistic spectrum. She combines the clinical activity with lectureship at the Université Saint-Joseph in Beirut, where she developed and introduced a pioneer course on children’s rights. She is also in charge of the Medical Centre of the American University of Beirut.

 Hala’s talent does not stop here as she also advises and trains local and international NGOs which have projects on disability.

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