Saïd Foundation Welcome Day 2019

On Saturday 23 November the Saïd Foundation was delighted to formally welcome our 2019/20 scholars to the UK.

The day began with the scholars attending a three hour training session on academic writing. The aim of the session was to help the scholars to adapt to the UK academic system and to prepare them for producing written assignments for their postgraduate Masters courses.

The training was followed by a welcome lunch hosted by Mrs Rosemary Saïd at a central London restaurant. The lunch was attended by Trustees and staff of the Saïd Foundation as well as the new Rhodes scholar whom the Foundation is supporting in 2019/20. The lunch was the first time the scholars met Mr and Mrs Saïd and Trustees, and it gave them an opportunity to get to know their fellow Saïd students.

This year the Saïd Foundation is supporting 30 scholars for postgraduate study in the UK. Our scholars come from Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and Palestine and are studying a wide range of subjects including development studies, medical genetics, sustainable energy systems, architecture and international law.

We wish all of our scholars the very best for the year ahead and we hope they enjoy their time in the UK.

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