Nancy Hamad

“Living and studying in the UK made me realise the dream of the ‘future you’ has not been determined yet. There is an unlimited number of versions of yourself that could come to fruition, not just a slightly healthier, compassionate or financially secure version of yourself but a radically different you.”

Nancy, from Lebanon, studied Architecture at the Beirut Arab University, graduating in 2006. Before being awarded a Saïd Foundation scholarship, Nancy was a volunteer architect involved in several post-war reconstruction projects in the Naher al-Bared refugee camp in North Lebanon after the 2006 war.

Since her graduation she has been working with victims of armed conflict in Iraq, Libya and South Sudan with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).

In her work with ICRC, Nancy was involved in visiting places of detention in Iraq and Libya where she worked on cases of missing persons and was involved in a field work survey with the families of the disappeared. She organised the International Day of Disappearance with children from missing families in order to commemorate their loved ones. Currently Nancy is in South Sudan working in the field to support people suffering the effects of armed conflict

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