Mohamad Ibrahim

‘’When I finished my undergraduate degree in Nursing, I took a pledge to dedicate my life helping patients. Now with the additional masters degree, I can push the boundaries of that pledge and seek further challenging opportunities, hoping to reach out and help those in need regardless of difficult circumstances.

And for this I am forever grateful to the Saïd Foundation making this possible.’’

Mohamad graduated from the Lebanese American University in 2015 with a BS in Nursing. He worked as an adult medical-surgical registered nurse at the American University of Beirut Medical Center for two years. In 2017 he was awarded a Saïd Foundation scholarship to study for an MSc in Leadership and Management in Health and Social Care at the University of Southampton.

His postgraduate education provided Mohamad with additional skills and knowledge of the dynamics of the healthcare sector, beyond the clinical work. Such education included leadership theories, strategic management, healthcare research and informatics, and others. He got the chance to be exposed to and draw on the experiences of healthcare professionals coming from all over the world. Upon completing the degree, Mohamad returned to Lebanon and joined International Medical Corps as a Project Officer. He is currently responsible for a project aiming to increase the surgical coverage of children with congenital malformations among Syrian refugees. He is screening and assessing patients in the field across the country, before referring them to consulted surgeons and following up their treatment. This project is giving Mohamad the chance to draw on his postgraduate qualifications when handling the managerial, administrative, and even financial aspects of the project, while at the same time maintaining his clinical practice and helping a vulnerable population.

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