Habib Bashour

“I still remember that life-changing phone call when I was informed by Saïd Foundation about the outcome of my application. Being a part of the Saïd Foundation experience does not only involve top-quality education, but also a unique experience to be introduced to academics and professionals from around the globe, and be a part of the great network of Said Foundation Alumni”

Habib is from Latakia, Syria. He completed a BSc in Pharmacy and Medicinal Chemistry from Tishreen University and graduated top of his class in 2015. Upon graduation, he worked in the medical marketing sector for a national pharmaceutical company. During his career and undergraduate studies, he was interested in the domain of pharmaceutical development and medical manufacturing. He also volunteered with local NGOs to raise the awareness towards several public health matters in the Syrian community.

Habib was awarded a Saïd Foundation scholarship to study for an MSc in Biotechnology, Bioprocessing and Business Management at the University of Warwick in 2016. In addition to the unique academic experience, Habib especially enjoyed the international environment in his university where he met people from all over the world. At the conclusion of his master’s course, he was granted the Class Prize Award as an acknowledgement for his academic excellence.

Following his studies, Habib was offered a full scholarship from the University of Warwick to pursue a PhD in Biotechnology. He is currently working on developing a novel approach for the manufacturing of affordable diagnostic devices to aid the detection and limit the spread of infectious diseases in developing countries and low-resource settings.

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