Dr Sulaiman Mouselli

“Being a scholar of KRSF was a life changing experience that shaped my professional life in many aspects and helped me develop personally and academically”

Dr. Sulaiman Mouselli was supported by the Saïd Foundation to study for an MSc in Finance and Economics from the University of Manchester 2002/2003. He followed his masters studies by pursuing a PhD in Accounting and Finance from Manchester Business School at the University of Manchester in the UK which he completed in 2008.

Sulaiman has extensive teaching experience. Between 2007 and 2010 Sulaiman worked as a Teaching and Research fellow at Bangor University (Wales). From 2010 until 2015 he worked as a full-time lecturer at Damascus University and a part-time lecturer at the Syrian Virtual University.

He is currently the Dean of the Business Administration Faculty and Senior Lecturer of Finance at Arab International University (AIU). He is also the Director of International Relations Office and the Head of the Centre for Research and Training Support in Business Administration at AIU. He also coordinates of one of Erasmus+ projects that focusses on developing NGO management curricula (MORLE). During his time at AIU Sulaiman was also the internal coordinator on modernizing academic teaching and research environment for the Lebanon and Syria (MATRE) project.

He has a number of publications in high ranking journals such as The British Accounting Review (BAR), ABACUS, International Review of Financial Analysis, Business: Theory and Practice, Journal of Applied Accounting Research, Journal of Knowledge Economy and Journal of Risk Finance. He was also awarded the Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) certificate from the University of Manchester and in 2015 was ranked among the top 10 researchers in social sciences in Syria.


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