Our timetable

Below is the timeline for the 2021/22 Saïd Foundation scholarships. Applications for 2022/23 scholarships will open on Wednesday 1 September 2021. The timeline for 2022/23 scholarships will be available soon.

Application Window

Applications opened at 12:00 midday (UK time)
Tuesday 1
September 2020

Applications closed at 12:00 midday (UK time)
Friday 30
October 2020


Eligibility check and assessment
early November 2020 until end of January 2021


Interviews will take place in March 2021

Final selections

Scholars will be selected by
end of May 2021

Application window

Applications for 2021/22 scholarships are now closed. Applications for 2022/23 scholarships will open on Wednesday 1 September 2021.


After submitting, your application will be assessed by the Saïd Foundation. It will firstly go through an eligibility check and only candidates who meet all of our eligibility criteria will progress to the assessment phase. Candidates who fail to meet all of our eligibility criteria will be notified by email by early-December 2020. Please be aware that due to the volume of applications, the Foundation is unable to provide individual feedback.

All eligible candidates will be assessed by officers from the Saïd Foundation and external experts. It is during this assessment that candidates will shortlisted for interview. If you are not shortlisted for interview, you will be notified by email in early March 2021. The Foundation will be unable to provide individual feedback to unsuccessful candidates however if you meet the eligibility criteria then you may reapply in future years.

Shortlist and interviews

Interviews will take place from March 2021. We conduct interviews in Lebanon, Jordan and Palestine. Syrian candidates will be interviewed via Skype.


The Foundation’s Board of Trustees will make its final selections in early May. Shortlisted candidates will be informed of the outcome by the end of May 2021 at the latest.

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